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Can I sue a family member?

Suing a family member can be avoided The saddest types of legal battles are those which involve our family members. People often associate a family dispute with divorce, dividing up the property or working out where the children will live after separation but I’ve noticed another type of matter emerging more often in recent years.

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Administering Building Contracts

The DO’S and DON’TS of Administering Building Contracts In the Building and Construction industry there are many instances where our Building and Construction Law team have seen contracts being administered incorrectly or not in accordance with its terms, where the Builder has acted on promises of good faith, workmanship and a good old-fashioned handshake. Despite

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Recent changes to Home Building Laws

Changes to Home Building Laws and how they Affect You and Your Business   Changes to home building laws took effect in early 2015, with the commencement of the Home Building Act 2014. The changes are in two stages, as follows: Changes to licensing, owner-builders, home warranty insurance, defects, statutory warranties and dispute resolution which

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