Master chef’s blunder: Payroll error leaves up to $2.6M owing

Minor payroll and employment errors can lead to significant issues for employers, as MasterChef judge, George Calombaris, has recently discovered. An error in the payroll system of Mr Calombaris’s company, MAdE Establishment Group, lead to up to 430 employees being underpaid as a result of a misclassification of employees and a miscalculation of how overtime

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Wat’s Happening with…. Burgers, Best Mates and Business Gone Bad

Business relationships go bad. Unfortunately it happens. People who set out with the best of intentions and the best of friendships can find themselves locked in bitter disputes over business assets. This can be a result of changes in their lives, their relationships or the business itself, and often cannot be foreseen. As Business Lawyers

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transition to retirement -Watkins Tapsell

Transition to Retirement

For over 20 years I have been advising clients on the transition to retirement and what matters they need to address both personally and in their businesses. All these things take time, so it is essential to start considering a transition to retirement earlier rather than later, and seek advice

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