Clients tell us that Watkins Tapsell are good to deal with because of our people. We are down to earth, approachable, keen to listen and practical in our approach to resolving client problems.

Jamie Roche, Partner

Family Law and Estates

Peter Rusbourne, Partner

Accredited Specialist Commercial property
and Business

Sonja Daly, Partner

Commercial Litigation and Managing Partner

Tiana Daly, Partner

Workplace Law and
Commercial Litigation

Adam Ratcliffe

Solicitor - Family Law.

Amanda Cabrera

Licensed Conveyancer

Chris Young

Solicitor, Commercial Property and Business

Devanand Saraswati

Senior Associate
Business and Employment Law

Kelly Weston

Associate Family Law and Estates

Kristy Durrant

Special Counsel
(Family Law)

Lauren Coates

Solicitor - Commercial Litigation and Employment Law.

Lauren Jameson

Licensed Conveyancer

Leesa Cleary

Special Counsel

Melissa Care

Commercial Litigation and Employment Law

Matthew Coates

Special Counsel
(Family Law)

Samantha Thatcher

Licensed Conveyancer