Facebook – Friend or Foe?

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By Tiana Daly.

I recently spoke to a group of school leavers about potential careers. One of the issues I discussed was the risk of Facebook to their future employment.

Employers are catching onto the idea of using Facebook as a means to find out about potential employees. Potential employees need to be aware that what they put on Facebook may be used as part of the process to determine they are not the right person for a job. Just think twice before you post those party shots or send of a negative comment.

Workplace policies are increasingly addressing the use of Facebook and require its use to be appropriate when dealing with other staff and the world at large. If an employee does not follow protocol, the employee risks discipline or termination.

I am also seeing an increase in potential customers and clients using social media sites to check the background of those they do business with.

As a Lawyer, the advice is be very careful of what you put in writing and even more careful of what you post on the Internet. The flow through effects of bad posts are only just beginning to be seen.

If you need help with your workplace policies regarding Facebook and other forms of social media contact our Workplace Law Team.

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