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By Tiana Daly.

I have written before on the risks what you post on Facebook. People constantly take risks with what they post on Facebook and for that reason I think there is always a place for a further reminder.

Recently the daughter of a US man took to Facebook boasting about her father’s settlement. The problem was the father’s settlement was a confidential agreement made with terms not to be disclosed.

The case took place in America but the implications are likely to be the same here. The court found that the Claimant breached the confidentiality provisions of the agreement and for this reason was not entitled to payment of the sizeable settlement fund. The Facebook page declared that her father won and that he was paying for her vacation.

The court found the Claimant was not entitled to the settlement money as he had “violated the agreement”. The post on facebook did exactly what the agreement was supposed to stop!

It is a warning to us all, even with a limit on the friends having access to Facebook posts, the message still goes out. It is also important the proper advice is obtained as to the implications of the legal documents that you sign.

So in short always think before you post on Facebook.

If you need advice regarding a post on Facebook or regarding entering an signed agreement or the implications of breaking an agreement please contact our Commercial Litigation Team.

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