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By Sonja Daly.

Picture this..

You have closed down the office to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, or

You have headed off on a well-deserved break in January and given yourself a break from reading your mail.

While there is a general festive spirit and goodwill to others amongst some, you should be aware that there are some grinches about who will take advantage of your festive season distractions.

Each year I come across clients who have returned from their Christmas/New Year break only to find that someone has left them an unwanted Christmas present in the form of a Statement of Claim, a Statutory Demand, a default judgment or a claim such as a payment claim under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payments Act which only gives them a limited time to respond (of course the time to respond expired while they were on leave!).

Unfortunately these sorts of unwanted Christmas presents cannot be returned to sender or re-gifted to someone else.

To protect yourself or your business from these unwanted presents you can do the following:

• Have someone that you trust check your mailbox and read mail over the Christmas and January period. If you have a company you should also check the mail at your Registered Office to make sure that there are no unwanted Christmas presents.

• If unwanted Christmas presents arrive, call your lawyer for urgent advice.

• We reopen on 3 January and can assist you deal with the unwanted presents.

For further information, please contact the Commercial Litigation Team.

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