Do you know what is in your insurance policy?

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By Watkins Tapsell.

We all have some form of insurance perhaps it is for your home, car, boat or travel – but do you really know what is in your policy and what you are covered for?

Often there is confusion about terms or phrases in insurance policies and people think they are covered when the insurance company refuses the claim.

A careful review of your policy may just put you in a position which will enable you to recover payment for something that your insurance company has told you is not covered. Common disputes with insurance companies that may be resolved with careful review of your policy, include:

• Vehicle damage

• Denial of Income protection

• Building insurance

• Property damage

• Professional insurance

If you are involved in a dispute with your insurance company, legal advice is important to unravel the meanings behind the written policy. A solicitor will be able to review your policy and advise you if you have a valid claim against your insurance company. We look at all the circumstances that surround you entering into the policy, and consider all the options available to dispute the insurers decision.

Obviously, all these situations will depend on the particular policy you have chosen. However, with knowledge of the relevant law that covers the interpretation of misleading or deceptive information contained in your policy you may be able to obtain the coverage you thought that you paid for!

For further information contact the Commercial Litigation Team.

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