Workplace Bullying

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By Tiana Daly.

One of the largest growing areas for claims against employers is for breach of contract or adverse action regarding harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Harassment and bullying results in huge losses in the form of inefficiency, sick days and claims.

It is now a requirement of the Work Health and Safety Act that employers have a policy regarding harassment and bullying and that all staff members are educated on the policy including the grievance procedures available to an affected employee.

Employers can minimise the risk in their workplace by consulting with workers to create a policy, educate staff on policies, have a transparent grievance procedure that assures the complainant will not be victimised, and, in the case of a complaint, act quickly.

We conduct training on protection from workplace bullying that is tailored to individual businesses needs and can be held at your place of business. We also conduct investigations when complaints are made.

If you require information or assistance please contact our Workplace Law Team

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