“We can provide you with advice on the best structure which is suitable for you and your business.”

Before commencing a business, there are a number of issues to consider in ensuring that the business is established in the best way for the future.
1. Having the correct Business Structure set up. At Watkins Tapsell we can assist you with all aspects of the set up and preparation of documents and agreements for:

  • companies
  • partnerships
  • trusts

2. Having your business documentation in order, including:

3. Making sure your occupation of premises is in order. Are you going to own your premises? Lease premises? Each alternative has benefits and risks, and it is important that you have documentation in place, including written leases.

4. How you will deal with customers, including if they don’t pay.

5. Have you got the right insurance?

6. Have you protected your intellectual property?

7. Do you have the cashflow to start and run your business?

8. What happens if something goes wrong? It is important to have plans in place if something happens to you, including both your personal Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship, as well as documentation for your business.

Watkins Tapsell’s Commercial Business and Property Team works closely with our Workplace Law team, litigation team and Estates team, as well as our client’s accountants and other professional advisers to ensure that our client’s businesses are set up in the best way to ensure they run smoothly, reduce risk, and legally minimise tax.

We regularly hold seminars and workshops on Business Structuring and the other aspects of running a business. For further information on these seminars, or how we can assist your business please contact :