Air-conditioning in a leased premises: what you need to know

  Air-conditioning can be crucial for a business and its office. If you leased premises or are about to lease premises, it is important to make sure that you understand your rights and obligations with respect to air-conditioning. Your rights and obligations are specified under your lease. In a recent Victorian case, it was held

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Small Businesses – Unfair Terms in Standard Form Contracts

  Big change for small business- Do your standard form business contracts contain unfair terms? From 12 November 2016 the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) will be scrutinising standard form contracts involving small businesses (being a business employing less than 20 people as determined on a headcount basis). New legislation means small business contracts

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Business Terms and Conditions right

Getting Business Terms and Conditions right

Why getting Business Terms and Conditions is critical Businesses enter into arrangements with customers every day. They may be contracts for small or large amounts of money, and may have short or long term implications. Their Business Terms and Conditions are the basis on which these arrangements are entered. In order to prevent a dispute

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Family disputes can be avoided with proper documentation - Watkins Tapsell

Can I sue a family member?

Suing a family member can be avoided The saddest types of legal battles are those which involve our family members. People often associate a family dispute with divorce, dividing up the property or working out where the children will live after separation but I’ve noticed another type of matter emerging more often in recent years.

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