Wat’s Happening with…. Burgers, Best Mates and Business Gone Bad

Business relationships go bad. Unfortunately it happens. People who set out with the best of intentions and the best of friendships can find themselves locked in bitter disputes over business assets. This can be a result of changes in their lives, their relationships or the business itself, and often cannot be foreseen. As Business Lawyers

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Family disputes can be avoided with proper documentation - Watkins Tapsell

Can I sue a family member?

Suing a family member can be avoided The saddest types of legal battles are those which involve our family members. People often associate a family dispute with divorce, dividing up the property or working out where the children will live after separation but I’ve noticed another type of matter emerging more often in recent years.

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Preferential Payments

When a company goes into liquidation, it is the obligation of its liquidators to inspect the financial records of the company. They have the right to investigate payments made by the company and to determine whether any of these payments are unlawful or otherwise unauthorised. An example of an unlawful payment is where the payment is a “voidable transaction” under the Corporations Act.

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