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Retirement village contracts: 7 things to consider

Seven questions to ask before entering a retirement village contract. The team at Watkins Tapsell have extensive experience dealing with retirement village contracts and have put together a comprehensive list of things to consider before signing a retirement village contract. Is the level of care right for you or your family member? Once you enter

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Watkins Tapsell Estate Planning

Estate Planning in Blended Families

We are seeing increasing numbers of clients who are embarking on 2nd marriages early in life. Often each of the parties to the relationship has children from a prior marriage.  In these situations two families are merging into one new blended family. This new blended family presents all new estate planning needs and concerns. Here

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transition to retirement -Watkins Tapsell

Transition to Retirement

For over 20 years I have been advising clients on the transition to retirement and what matters they need to address both personally and in their businesses. All these things take time, so it is essential to start considering a transition to retirement earlier rather than later, and seek advice

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Family disputes can be avoided with proper documentation - Watkins Tapsell

Can I sue a family member?

Suing a family member can be avoided The saddest types of legal battles are those which involve our family members. People often associate a family dispute with divorce, dividing up the property or working out where the children will live after separation but I’ve noticed another type of matter emerging more often in recent years.

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When can an Executor distribute an Estate?

When can you distribute assets? One of the most common questions asked in relation to deceased estates concerns when an executor can distribute the estate assets to beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are, understandably, always eager to receive their interest in the estate and executors are eager to finalise their duties as quickly and efficiently as possible. Despite

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