What is Collaborative Family Law?

Statistics show that the national rate of divorce is slowly increasing in Australia, and most of us now know at least one person who has been through a divorce. With the potential to end up in years of litigation in the Family Court of Australia, costs increasing to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the

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5 Family Lawyer Tips on how to keep your break-up private

If you pick up almost any glossy magazine in any supermarket you will be bombarded with stories of celebrities, relationships and breakups.  Separation is never easy but living in a fishbowl can create even more tension and result in very messy divorces with private information available for friends and family and, in the worst case,

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Married at First Sight

 5 things the Contestants should have done if the marriages were “real” I’m sure most of you have seen the ads about the television series, “Married at First Sight”. Although the tv show was a “social experiment” and the marriages were not legal marriages, it raises an interesting question about things the contestants should have

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