Business Terms and Conditions right

Getting Business Terms and Conditions right

Why getting Business Terms and Conditions is critical Businesses enter into arrangements with customers every day. They may be contracts for small or large amounts of money, and may have short or long term implications. Their Business Terms and Conditions are the basis on which these arrangements are entered. In order to prevent a dispute

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buying a franchise - Watkins Tapsell

How to Navigate the Franchised World to a Successful Business

Franchising is a $144 billion sector in Australia. Franchising adds a layer of experience and certainty to a new business venture that is not present in a non-franchised start-up. It is similar to purchasing a new business, but without the responsibility of taking over existing hidden liabilities. The Franchisor is expanding their business by allowing

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Your Lease and Franchise Agreement

Prior to entering into a Lease and/or a Franchise many “back and forth” negotiations are made. Sometimes parties may forget what has been agreed upon and what hasn’t. It is important that your documents include all commercial arrangements that have been agreed upon, or if necessary excludes things that have not been agreed upon. A

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Knowing your rights before entering into a franchise

A large range of businesses are franchised systems. A franchise system helps a business operate with proven processes and procedures. The owner of the franchise system, the franchisor, will assist in the set up and operation of the business. It is still an independently owned and operated business. Franchising is a complex area of law

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