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Leasing and COVID-19

SME Leasing Principles during COVID-19: National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct IssuesA large proportion of businesses have suffered substantial downturns in business due to COVID-19. A number of business uses or premises are required to be closed. Landlords rely on the rent being paid for their livelihood. Tenants rely on the space being leased as their place of

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How to Navigate the Franchised World to a Successful Business

Franchising is a $144 billion sector in Australia. Franchising adds a layer of experience and certainty to a new business venture that is not present in a non-franchised start-up. It is similar to purchasing a new business, but without the responsibility of taking over existing hidden liabilities. The Franchisor is expanding their business by allowing

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Administering Building Contracts

The DO’S and DON’TS of Administering Building Contracts In the Building and Construction industry there are many instances where our Building and Construction Law team have seen contracts being administered incorrectly or not in accordance with its terms, where the Builder has acted on promises of good faith, workmanship and a good old-fashioned handshake. Despite

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Your Lease and Franchise Agreement

Prior to entering into a Lease and/or a Franchise many “back and forth” negotiations are made. Sometimes parties may forget what has been agreed upon and what hasn’t. It is important that your documents include all commercial arrangements that have been agreed upon, or if necessary excludes things that have not been agreed upon. A

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Exercising the option on your lease

Like me you might know Jordons Seafood Restaurant at Darling Harbour as arguably one of the premier seafood restaurants in Sydney. It was certainly in an ideal location with patrons able to bask in the ambience of the passing parade, the sunshine and dine at the same time. I have great memories of meals there

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