Happy Elderly Couple in Retirement Village

Retirement village contracts: 7 things to consider

Seven questions to ask before entering a retirement village contract. The team at Watkins Tapsell have extensive experience dealing with retirement village contracts and have put together a comprehensive list of things to consider before signing a retirement village contract. Is the level of care right for you or your family member? Once you enter

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Wills: Security in uncertain times

During challenging times, many begin to feel uncertain of what the future may hold. Particularly in times of uncertainty, it’s important to have your estate planning reviewed and ensure your will and estate plan is current.  More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a deadly virus spreading around the world. While many may not want

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Watkins Tapsell Estate Planning

Estate Planning in Blended Families

We are seeing increasing numbers of clients who are embarking on 2nd marriages early in life. Often each of the parties to the relationship has children from a prior marriage.  In these situations two families are merging into one new blended family. This new blended family presents all new estate planning needs and concerns. Here

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