Changes to certificates of title and e-conveyancing

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By Samantha Thatcher.

The NSW Land Registry Service is changing so that most documents lodged are done so electronically. From 11 October 2021 all certificates of title (CTs) will no longer be issued and paper dealings will no longer be accepted for lodgement.

This means that if we hold your paper certificate of title it cannot be used on any sale and is only of historic or sentimental value only. 

We will continue to hold your CT for you unless we hear from you otherwise.  We can forward the CT to you or you may wish to instruct us to destroy it.

If we hold your title deeds and an unregistered discharge of mortgage then the discharge will need to be arranged again, this time electronically, with your former bank as the paper discharge will not be accepted for lodgement. 

Please call us on Thursdays on 9521 6000 and let us know if you want:

1.       Your title deed mailed to you (registered post costs will apply) and we will need you to provide a written authority and proof of identity; or

2.       Us to destroy your title deed.

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