Family Law Fixed Fees

Family Law Fixed Prices

We understand that the costs associated with a family law matter are often a concern for those going through a family separation.

To help ease this concern, Watkins Tapsell now offers fixed prices, for certain matters.

What is a fixed price?

A fixed price is an agreed price for the work that both you and your family lawyer consider is required for each stage of your matter. You and your family lawyer may agree to a fixed price to complete your matter, or to get to a particular agreed stage.

A fixed price means that you will not be charged on an hourly basis for the time spent working on your family law matter. However, if you prefer to pay your legal fees by the hour, this option is still available to you.

Benefits of fixed prices


  • You are informed, at the outset of your matter, as to what your legal costs will be.
  • Knowing what your legal costs will be prior to incurring them reduces the stress involved in uncertain monthly legal billing.


  • The fee that you are charged directly relates to the scope of the work performed.
  • Simple matters can remain simple


  • There is no confusion as to what your costs will be. The fixed price agreement made between you and Watkins Tapsell will set forth exactly what legal work is covered and what is not.

How do I know if my matter is suitable for a fixed price?

  1. The first step is to telephone one of our family lawyers and arrange an initial appointment to discuss your matter:
  2. During your initial conference, your family lawyer can assess whether a fixed price can be offered for the services you require;
  3. If your matter is suitable for a fixed price, your lawyer will consider the work required to be undertaken and will provide you with a written proposal for the fixed price. The written proposal will set out all of the work included in the fixed price.
  4. Once the fixed price is agreed, you will sign the agreement which sets out the fixed price and the particulars of the work included in that price. Your lawyer will then commence work on your matter.

To find out whether your matter is eligible for a fixed price, please contact one of our family law team members on 9521 6000.