Frequently Asked Questions

Answers that might help you

You do not need to do anything.  Nothing changes in regard to your ownership or us holding documents for you.
Any paper document held by you was always a copy of what was held at NSW Land Registry Services. 

The NSW Land Registry Services changed their requirements and their practice, and their records are now electronic only and the only title record.  Paper copies issued previously are now of sentimental value only.

There is no fee if you collect it personally.  You can collect it personally if there are no restrictions on movement.  If it is to be mailed to you then a fee of $25 to cover secure postage is required.

Identification or an original authority will be required from each person noted on the title as an owner as to what they want us to do.    Each person must sign and provide ID if in person or a copy of ID certified by a Justice of the Peace or solicitor if not attending in person or requesting it to be mailed.  Originals and not emails of authorities and certified ID are required.