“The Australian Consumer Law is a national law which applies to all states and territories in Australia and is designed to give Australian consumers the same rights and protections where ever they are in Australia.”

Watkins Tapsell can assist you with the following consumer issues:

  • Unfair contract terms covering standard form consumer contracts;
  • Guaranteeing consumer rights when buying goods and services;
  • Product safety law and enforcement system;
  • Unsolicited consumer agreements covering door-to-door sales, telephone sales and other direct marketing;
  • Simple rules for lay-by agreements;
  • General protections against misleading and deceptive conduct and unconscionable conduct;
  • Specific protections against unfair practices, including prohibitions against false and misleading representations; and
  • Penalties, enforcement powers and consumer redress options.

Watkins Tapsell can also assist you to avoid situations in which you may become a victim of competitor rivalry, fraud or unfair practices by providing you with advice in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.