Building a home can be an exciting but daunting experience for many. Before you enter into any contract to build your new home, it is imperative that you have a Lawyer review the terms of the contract and that you understand exactly what you are signing.

Watkins Tapsell have expertise when it comes to Home Building Contract Disputes and advice and can assist you to ensure that the contract you are signing contains all the necessary terms and conditions to help you build your dream home.

Home Building Contract Disputes often arise in relation to Home Building Contracts, when a person has not understood the terms of the contract or is unsatisfied with the work that has been performed.

Common Home Building Contract disputes include:

  • Scope of work does not meet expectations
  • Timing of work does not meet deadlines agreed between the parties
  • Quality of work does not meet the standards expected (including defects)
  • Non-completion of work as agreed in the contract
  • Payment issues
  • Warranty issues

Watkins Tapsell has extensive experience in relation to disputes involving Home Building Contracts from the early stages of dispute through to litigating disputes in Court or in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. If you are experiencing difficulties with the building of your home, such as those matters listed above, please contact us.