“Dealing with property and assets can require consideration of many alternatives. We are focussed on understanding your circumstances so that we can tailor your Estate planning documents to accurately reflect your needs and wishes”.

Our experienced team has over 25 years experience each in Estate Planning and bring a depth of understanding and common sense to this area of law.  They will discuss with you strategies for managing risks in your personal and business life. in a professional manner.

We can assist you in drafting the simplest Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship, right through to the most complex documents depending on your individual circumstances and requirements.

  • A will ensures that your assets are dealt with in accordance with your wishes on your death and reduces the risk of another person making a claim against your property.
  • A Power of Attorney ensures that your money and property can be managed for you by a trusted friend or relative in the manner you wish, while you are disabled due to an illness or accident.
  • An Enduring Guardianship enables a person, appointed by you, to make decisions regarding your health or where you might live, should you be unable to make those decisions for yourself.

Together, the above documents will give you peace of mind when you need it most.

We can advise you on how to avoid disputes over your assets after your death and prepare documents that direct those assets in accordance with your wishes.

Our team can also assist you with:

  • Managing the distribution of your superannuation on your death
  • Dealing with succession issues in your business
  • Minimising the risks of a successful claim against your estate
  • Balancing the needs of second families against the claims by first family members
  • Structuring your estate to manage the needs of disabled children or children with addictions or children employed in your business

Watkins Tapsell regularly hold seminars and workshops on the topic of Estate Planning and Will Disputes. To be kept informed of when the next event is taking place or for details of how we can assist you in this complex area call: