The real risks of Legal Self-help

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By Watkins Tapsell.

You are not always helping yourself with Legal Self-help!

Just like self-diagnosing medical issues can be dangerous, so too can legal self-help or trying to fix your own legal problems. It is becoming more common that people are choosing to represent themselves or take legal action into their own hands, but have they considered the real risks.

Short-term gain may be long-term pain

One reason people decide to represent themselves or take action without lawyers is due to the perceived expenses of hiring a lawyer. However, often self help can lead to greater expense in the long run together with the stress and disappointment when the outcome the person is seeking is not achieved.

More often then not, the people who have tried to self help end up hiring a lawyer, which they then regret not doing in the first place. Depending on how far the person has taken the matter or what actions they have taken, once they finally decide to engage a lawyer, the lawyer is left to fix the problem or bring the matter to a more favourable position. It is at this point that the expense of a lawyer is greater, as they are left to put all the pieces together or resolve the issues.

It is more cost efficient to be proactive when a legal issue arises and deal with the problem before it is too late!

Beware of what you find on the Internet

As technology continues to develop and legal information is more easily accessible such as on the internet, the law faces a shift with an increase in people trying to resolve their own legal disputes. However, whilst it may seem easy to resolve a legal issue without a lawyer, there are serious ramifications of making the wrong decision or coming to a resolution which might not necessarily be in your best interests. Information which is available on the internet is not determined on a case by case basis and accordingly, the specific facts, matters and risks of your case have not been considered.

A good Lawyer will understand your specific case.

Lawyers are equipped with the skill and knowledge to handle the matters in the most effective way possible taking into consideration the facts of each individual matter and the risks of any decisions made. Choosing the right lawyer, with the right expertise will often lead to better results and offer you with the protection you need when resolving legal issues.

Check first

If you are thinking about helping yourself or representing yourself in a legal matter, it may be worth contacting a lawyer to find out if that’s the right decision for you. Watkins Tapsell has a number of lawyers with vast experience in different areas of the law.

Contact Watkins Tapsell on (02) 9521 6000 prior to making the decision to take legal matters into your own hands!

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