Quality Certification

law9000 certificationAs a certified ISO 9001 legal practice, Watkins Tapsell complies with a set of standards for best-practice law firm policies and procedures. Certification (the recognisable ‘5 ticks’) means, as a firm, we have significant systems and processes in place to ensure that our clients are given the highest quality of legal service.

Certification is a formal recognition of the quality of Watkins Tapsell’s systems. It also recognises the commitment of our staff and partners to ensuring the systems are implemented, monitored and maintained. Certification highlights the firm’s desire to attain ‘industry best practice’ recognition.

Upon achieving ISO 9001 certification, Watkins Tapsell was able to demonstrate that we:

  • Ensure staff are competent with all policies and procedures used throughout the firm and are aware of how these procedures impact on the end-to-end process.
  • Provide benefits to clients through a process of evaluation and continuous improvement
  • Reflect a high standard of competency, integrity and professionalism
  • Provide employees with satisfying work, in a safe environment that encourages team work, effort and performance
  • Remain consistent with accepted guidelines and practice – ISO 9001.

External audits are undertaken by an independent auditor. Regular internal audits are carried out by both partners and staff. This demonstrates the lengths Watkins Tapsell are willing to go, to ensure we constantly meet the strict standards required to maintain our certification

After an external audit conducted in November 2009, the following was expressed by the auditor:

“I audit approximately 200 firms and would rate WATKINS TAPSELL in the top 10% for ‘continued improvement’ over the last 12 months”.

Client Care is a priority for WATKINS TAPSELL.

In order to monitor the level of client satisfaction, Client Surveys are forwarded to clients on completion of all matters. These surveys are recorded and any indication from a client of dissatisfaction with the services provided by WATKINS TAPSELL are thoroughly investigated.

Some of the comments received from clients:

  • For a first time home buyer, the process was made very smooth and easy to understand by Jo and Sam.
  • Very happy with professionalism by Lisa and team. Everything went smooth and easy! Thank you again!
  • Very supportive whilst going through both parents deaths this year and selling of property involved. All front desk girls were kind and welcoming each time I needed to visit your offices.
  • I have bought and sold about 8 properties through you guys over the past 20 years. Service provide by Bert, Amanda and now LIsa has been first class. I think Lisa deserves a Xmas bonus.
  • I was extremely happy with Karen. I relied on her and trusted her judgement. She made what was a difficult time for me a lot easier. Thank you so much.
  • Organising work for a client who is overseas could not have been straight forward. Many thanks for making everything go smoothly and for keeping me informed at every stage.
  • Watkins Tapsell is committed to “continual improvement”, with the ultimate aim of ensuring the firm operates in the most efficient way possible.