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Fair Work investigation: 7-Eleven pay back $173m in underpayments

While many workplaces and employees are focussed on just surviving Covid19 and lockdowns, it is vital that employers are also focussed on continuing to ensure that they are meeting their obligations to their employees, notwithstanding the pandemic. A prime example of what can happen if obligations are not complied with is the Fair Work Ombudsman’s

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Is your disability impacting your work?

  The Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that in 2012, 8.8% of the total Australian workforce population had a disability and were in paid employment. Disability in the workplace is common, but what happens when you are told you can’t perform your job because of your disability? In Australia, discrimination in the workplace is regulated

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Master chef’s blunder: Payroll error leaves up to $2.6M owing

Minor payroll and employment errors can lead to significant issues for employers, as MasterChef judge, George Calombaris, has recently discovered. An error in the payroll system of Mr Calombaris’s company, MAdE Establishment Group, lead to up to 430 employees being underpaid as a result of a misclassification of employees and a miscalculation of how overtime

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The Risk of Outdated Employment Policies?

Employees should have policies that are consistent with the Employment legislation in the correct jurisdiction. In New South Wales the Fair Work Act applies. Inconsistent policies expose an employer to risks of not complying with the legislation and incurring penalties. The case of Scullin v Coffey Projects (Australia) Pty Ltd highlights what can happen if an employer follows outdated policies.

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