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Don’t bury your head in the sand

The recent Fair Work Act changes provide (to most) workers more avenues to complain about being bullied in the workplace. The Commission will be responding swiftly to complaints and will have powers to make orders that will impact business. Bullying claims are on the increase, so employers need to be aware and proactive regarding: 1.

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Complying with awards

Do you find it overwhelming making sure you are complying with the terms of the Modern Awards? Are your employees covered by a number of different awards, making payroll a nightmare? Do you spend more time administering your payroll, calculating allowances, RDO’s and overtime than you do working in your business? While the Modern Awards

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Fear of Doctors?

I was recently at the doctors. I had not been for a long time. The truth is I hate visiting doctors. I am just not good dealing with the fear that the doctor might find something wrong! I waited for what seemed like an eternity flicking through outdated women’s magazines and counting the bricks on

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