“Matthew Coates practices extensively in the area of Family Law and de facto relationships dealing with property division, maintenance and children’s issues.”

Matthew has been with Watkins Tapsell for over 34 years. He is a Partner in the firm and advises on Family Law and de Facto relationships issues covering property, maintenance and children.

Matthew has advised clients extensively on the use of binding financial (pre-nuptial) agreements as a means of protecting assets from claims by spouses.

His expertise extends to probate and estate disputes. Matthew is also regularly involved in disputes about wills and has a detailed background advising clients about business structures and the estate planning issues involved in business, death and superannuation.

Matthew also works in our Mortgage practice, advising on mortgage advances and recovery action following default.

Matthew is a former Chairperson and Member of the NSW QIL Board, the body originally charged with the function of managing quality certification for law firms in NSW. Matthew was responsible for bringing Watkins Tapsell to the stage where it succeeded in obtaining QL IV certification and now, Law 9000 certification, the highest level of quality certification available to law firms in Australia.